It is so important to enjoy the success of others. If you are unable to then you need a lot of introspection. People usually fall into a vicious cycle of low self esteem generated by comparision with others

You are different. Life is not a Zero Sum Game. There are lots of opportunities and room for everyone.

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Sat Simran Kaur said...

thank you very much for your comment - its always nice to know you made someone smile, isnt it? you should try it, even if its only for a month or something - its interesting

you were right, i found your blog interesting as well - i expected my other blog to turn out like this, because i spend alot of time thinking about these things too, but it didnt happen because i have a hard time expressing myself in words - people say i do it well, but it still never seems to come out how i want it to

but maybe that doesnt matter - i think im going to try again

thank you
take care