It is not enough to collect a lot of lists while organizing. One needs to execute the lists. Otherwise, what you have planned to do acumulates and your system will fall through. Collecting all the things you need to do may give you a false sense of achievement.

What we need is real results in the real world.


Texasgal said...

Interesting views and thoughts. Thanks for the visit. One more thing. Who are you? Do I know you or did you just randomly stumble across my weblog?

Texasgal said...

Hello! Glad the art link was of use to you. leave not a lot of information on who mj might be. Care to tell me more?

MJ said...

Hi! My name is Murali. You don't know me. I came across your blog while I was searching randomly. I am a Management Consultant.

I have not yet visited your website with your drawings. I would like to do so. I find people who can draw well very interesting.
Thanks for visiting my blog. You are always welcome. Regards.