Fifteen Powerful Tips to Make Your New Year Resolution Stick!

New Year Resolution
It is that time of the year when you are making New Year resolution. It may be that you want to exercise regularly, or give up smoking, or to eliminate a bad habit such as procrastination.

It is easy to identify a New Year Resolution but very difficult to make it stick. Most of the people will give up after a few days or few months You need a lot of motivation to keep your New Year Resolution stick.

However many people do not realize that taking action often leads to motivation rather than just waiting for motivation to show up for them.

Given below are few tips to make your New Year Resolution stick:
  1. Start small
  2. Determine what is success and what is a failure ( If you exercise daily it is a great success if you do not exercise even twice a week it is a failure)
  3. Determine the point in your effort beyond which it is a failure ( Example: the minimum amount of exercise to name it as a success is three times a week)
  4.  Do not try to be perfect.
  5. Allow yourself permission for failure
  6. Do not go on an all-or-nothing mode.
  7. Reward yourself periodically for motivation
  8. Plan your rewards-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and at the en of the year
  9. Team up with others who are trying to get their New Year Resolution through.
  10. Be kind to yourself
  11.  Identify a person who will encourage you and also warn you.
  12. Create a review mechanism
  13. Determine the frequency of the review
  14. Review with a friend
  15. Take corrective actions
Try these powerful tips and very soon you will be celebrating and feeling good because your motivation will stay with you through out the year.

Your New Year Resolution will be so successful that others will come to you for help.

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