Routines-How to handle them?

Routines have a huge influence on your success or failure. Daily routines are formed over a period of time and become cemented habits.

If you really examine yourself, you will find that many of the routines have built in schedules.

It is as if someone or something has programmed you to follow certain routes in life day in day out. These routes have been mapped into your brain.

Most of your programming has been done by yourself, and some of them have their roots in your childhood and the way you were raised.

Let me give you some sample routines most of the people follow:

• The time you wake up
• Eating habits
• Driving habits
• Things you do in the office
• Checking of email
• Surfing the net
• The way you organize the day
• Exercising or lack of it
• Watching TV
• Things you do after you come back home
• The time you go to bed
I have just given you a sample. One good exercise for you is to be aware of your routines. Map them for a week and then examine them. Are these routines useful for you?

How many of them are causing you trouble?
Once you finish this exercise, next you can create a routine that will be most beneficial to you and then start developing habits that will cement the routine.

My suggestion is to start slow. Once you do this exercise, and you will have the power of routines working for you.

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Carol said...

Teriffic blog. Our habits make us or break us! I thrive on routine, but I try to work in the things I like to do.

Breaking a habit takes longer than making one. That's a whole 'nother blog!