Real Friend-How To Get One?

Real Friend?
Real friend is rare. It is very difficult to get a real friend. In your day to day life, you may come across a lot of acquaintances, who you meet, interact with, and they go their way. With the advance of technology, people with whom you come in contact with are enormous compared to your parents or grandparents. You cannot live without a real friend and still enjoy life.

How do you spot a real friend?
Here are a few tips:
1. They are trustworthy.
2. They keep their promises.
3. They are kind.
4. They support you in times of trouble.
5. They help you without any thought of any gain for
6. They critique you when you are wrong.
7. They warn you of the consequences of your wrong actions.
8. They empathize with you.
9. They are willing to forgive you for your mistakes.
10. They keep in touch with you even if you have not talked
      to them for a long time.
11. They are open to ask you for a favor but do not hold you
     to it.
12. They are the first to be with you when you are sad.
13. They are the first to be with you when you are happy.
14. They are happy for your success.
15. They celebrate your success.
16. You have a great urge to share with them everything,
      especially your secrets.
17. They share their secrets with you.
18. They keep your secrets to themselves.
19. They support you when all others have abandoned you.
20. They know when you want to be alone and respect that.

Real friend will exhibit all these behaviors. If you don’t have friends with characteristics depicted in the above list, it is time to get them. The best way to attract them is for you to become a sincere friend first. If you do that people will treasure you and among the many people who flock you, you will find some real friends.

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