How to stay positive?

Are you feeling bad right now? How have you felt IMG_0282the last few days? If you are like everyone of us, you would have experienced periods of feeling low.

How do you get into these states? One of the common ways you begin to feel low and find it difficult to stay positive is when your mind has hooked on to some words or phrases that are negative and acidic!

 If you carefully listen to you can catch these words.
Let me give you some of the common words and phrases people use to put themselves down:
  • Loser
  • I am ugly.
  • I am a failure.
  • She hates me.
  • They are after me.
  • My luck is bad.
  • I am such a fool.
I am sure you can come up with a similar list. Many a times you may be beating yourself with the negative phrases told to you by others. These phrases can cause you immense gloomy feelings.

How do you get out of this trap? One of the best ways is to re-frame the words and substitute them with your own positive ones. It requires a bit of training. Let me recommend some books for you to help you in re-framing:
  • Unlimited Power
  • Awaken the Giant within
Both these books by Anthony Robbins give you a lot of exercises to change and re-frame your thinking.

In addition to these exercises here are few tips from an article I read in Psychology today.

Click on the link below:

Ten life-enhancing things you can do in ten minutes or less.

Incorporate these routines regularly to ward of negativity in your life.


Rashpreet Kaur said...

I've read inspirational and motivational books, but I believe that inspiration and motivation to improve one's life and to be happy comes from within...after all, happiness is an inside job! :)

Trinity said...

I have to agree with Rashpreet though reading books could really make a big difference provided that you absorb and put into practice what's written. Love your article.