What are the warning signs that you are chronically out of control?

It is easy to be habitually out of control and not even be aware of that state. Over a period of time, being out of control becomes a way of life. 
You get used to the stress. You get used to missing deadlines. You get used to disappointing people. 

Over a period of time this way of life becomes hard wired in to your brain.
You may, well, note these warning signs:
  1. You have too many things to do and you do not know where to begin
  2. You  are constantly missing appointments
  3. People keep calling you up to remind things you promised to deliver to them
  4. Your spouse has given up on you
  5. Your children do not trust you anymore
  6. You have come to the point of not caring about the direction your life is taking
  7. You are aware of several problems-obesity, finance out of control, debts, eating junk food, reading trashy novels, smoking, drinking, forgetting birthdays----and you are doing nothing about them
  8. Every small setback gives you the power to procrastinate
  9. You indulge excess in some mindless activity such as internet surfing, video games, chatting, Facebook, watching the same movie again and again---
  10. You live moment to moment with no planning for future
  11. You set elaborate plans and never follow them
  12. Your house is a junk yard
  13. You have low energy even in the morning
  14. You overeat 
  15. You have no friends or your friends have abandoned you
  16. You are on the verge of losing your job
  17. Your skill sets are all redundant
  18. You have sunken eyes because of lack of sleep
  19. Your libido is low
  20. You constantly fear that things will go wrong because you know deep inside you that you are not well prepared
  21. You dream of some unrealistic fantasy where you picture yourself very rich and powerful
  22. You do nothing to realize your dreams
  23. You have lost touch with your family
  24. Your children are aping you
  25. You know deep inside you need to change but you feel helpless
If you have several of these signs then what you need to realize is that you have hit the bottom. 

The good news is that the only direction you can move is upwards; Another good news is that you have the choice-either to remain at the bottom or to move upwards.

The journey is tough but the sooner you begin the better it will be for you.

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Anonymous said...

those signs were really recipes for disaster, so the final choice is whether or not to remain at the bottom or to move upwards ya, a third option maybe, can we just evaporate into thin air?