How do you fire an employee?

There are times when you need to take a tough decision

Your subordinate, despite all your attempts to correct him has not responded. Moreover, complaints about him is coming from all sides. You, yourself, find that he is not responding to your requests in various areas.

It is then time to ask him to go. Given below is a check list to consult whether you are doing this in the right manner or not:

  1. Have you made all attempts to correct him?
  2. Is firing him a fair option for the company?
  3. Have you involved your HR department and sounded them in advance?
  4. Is our boss aware of what you are going to do?
  5. Are there any legal issues in this action that could back fire?
  6. Have you tried to make the process as less stressful as possible to you as well as him?
  7. Have you thought of the workload and how it will be distributed?
  8. Have you put in place an out placement help(helping him to find another job) by contacting your HR?
  9. Have you carefully planned what you need to tell him while firing him?
  10. Do you have contact with a counselling cell of your company or outside which you can recommend for him
  11. Have you rehearsed what you will tell him?
  12. Have you blocked sufficient time for him so that you can listen to him in case he wants to talk?
These are the twelve items you need to take care of before you tell you tell him that he is fired.

The way you handle an employees planned exit will have profound impact on your other employees who are working under you.

Handle this with care!

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