Are you setting yourself up for a great chaos?

There are many areas in your life where you need to consistently act. 
You can easily  neglect, consciously or unconsciously, some major areas of your life and still have a comfortable life for a while.

Here are some examples of areas you can neglect:
  • Staying fit
  • Your financial well being
  • Your education/skills enhancement
  • Your job
  • Your relationships
  • Your children
  • Your meaning of existence
Make up your own list-the one given above is just a sample list for you to get started. The longer your list is, the greater the danger you are in.

 Everything may seem normal to you and your life may seem to sail smoothly. 

But beware, there is a great chaos waiting to happen, as these neglected areas join together to create a critical mass that will swallow you.

What is the remedy? Make a list and begin to take control.

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