How balanced are you?

Many of us live extreme lives. We either skew towards being flaky, fun loving, pleasure seeking, individuals or skew in the opposite direction, organized, serious, disciplined, fun avoiding or postponing individuals.

I think both these positions are wrong and will have its serious consequences. The key way here is to be serious and fun loving. We need to strive for balance. Here are few tips of how to do exactly that:
  • Monitor your self
  • Schedule the opposite-If you have serious pursuits, add fun pursuits and vice a verse
  • Block serious work time
  • Block fun time
  • Mix with children
  • Mix with serious business people or your professional group
  • Schedule "let go" weekends and controlled weekdays
  • Schedule "serious weekends" and "let go" week days
  • Be flexible at times based on the situation
  • Be rigid at times based on the situation

Try these out! Live a full Life.

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1 comment:

Don said...

I like this concept. Some seriousness, some fun! Any way you look at it you need to get involved in life. No more sitting around doing "nothing". Either have fun or be serious, but either way, be!