How to break the chains that bind you?

All of us drag chains with heavy weights attached to it. These chains prevent us from achieving success and reaching our full potential.
Everyone of us has at least one big iron ball chained to our legs or our hands are tied as we go through life?

Examples of chains that bind you:

- Laziness
- Disorganization
- Insensitive nature
- Pleasure centered living
- A bad habit

The list can go on. It is important to draw up a list and identify which chain and iron ball is holding you back; The one that is the biggest.
Take decision to day to untie and unchain yourself with that one thing that binds you, hinders you, and prevents you from reaching your full potential.

It is time for you to untie and unchain yourself!

Here is what you need to do:

  • Develop top 5 list of chains that bind you

  • Identify one chain that is impeding your progress to the greatest extent

  • Use overriding will (see previous post) and break that chain

  • Develop strategies to educate your will (see previous post)

  • Educate your automatic will

  • Take a zero tolerance stand

  • Monitor periodically for success

  • Reward yourself periodically

  • Start with the reward right now ( you have read this post and decided to act on it)-you deserve it!

  • Stabilize the change and move on to the next chain

Try this out! Break one chain at a time and set yourself free to soar the skies of achievement!

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