How do you avoid your habit to slack off?

There are times when you totally get side tracked. There is a huge inertia that you need to overcome. You thought all this while that you were in perfect control of yourself and your planned effort; Then, suddenly, the bottom gives away and you have free fall;suddenly you realize that you are in the bottom of a pit or a rut.

Why does this happen?
Several reasons:
  1. You are tired
  2. No recreation
  3. Stressed out
  4. Too many changes hitting you all at once
  5. Trying too many things together
  6. Multi tasking
  7. A sense of overwhelm
  8. All or nothing thinking (Perfectionism-miss one day of exercise, get demotivated and give up totally
  9. Having double set of values-wholesome and unwholesome

How do you avoid this for good? I offer two sets of strategies.

Stay tuned for future posts for these strategies.

Meanwhile, the question you need to ask yourself right is:

Am I slacking off, right now? Do I need to use some specific strategies to get out of the rut?

Do share your experience!

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Smita said...

Hi Muralidharan!

Yea -- great blog you have.

Many of the pictures I do take by myself.