Your first subordination analysis

In order to take control of your subordination process (see the previous posts), you need to know the activities you want to subordinate. It will be a good idea to look at your activities landscape systematically. This is a very simple exercise and shouldn't take a lot of time.
Here is what you need to do:

  1. Be aware of every activity you do through out the day-make a mental note of the time you spent on it(a rough estimate would do).

  2. Mentally scan through the activities at the end of the day and choose one or two activities you feel you can subordinate. The choice is entirely up to you. Search for frequent, fun activities (trivia) such as gossipping over the telephone, reading novels, reading the news paper, watching the TV etc. These activities should be the trivial ones we spend time on and cutting them will not in any way harm us or collapse our world.

  3. Make sure that you are not selecting any important, high yielding activity.

  4. Map this activity in a similar template shown in the picture

  5. Negotiate with yourself the amount of time you will cut. Example-I have cut two hours of my daily TV viewing time.

  6. Do this for a typical week of yours.

  7. Look at your week and decide which activity you could subordinate.

Calculate the amount of time you will free up if you subordinate the chosen activities.

You can now decide to do those activities, you want to do, which you thought you never had time for!

Try this simple but very powerful tool. It may change your life for ever.

Do write back, through your comments here, of using this tool.

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