How many of us give sufficient time for ourselves. To be alone for a few hours and look back at life can have therapeutic effect. Otherwise, what happens is we react from one situation to another, with no time even to think. With email, cell phone, pagers, RSS, TV, Radio, Video Games, IM, and people to distract us and keep us engaged, we end up alienating ourselves.

We need to establish relationship with ourselves first before we can have meaningful relationship with others.

So, get to quiet place, be alone and say "Hello" to yourself. Do you recognize yourself? What have you become? Are you the same? Try it and share your experience with others

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FadeT said...

Here is my story that might be related to what you are trying to say.

When I was in school, the teacher asks us to write journal as a course work. We need to complete it to secure our A. At first I thought it was a difficult thing to do because I have a lot of other important homework to do and I don't usually express myself to just anyone. As time passes by, I begin to enjoy writing journals, I even write more than we are required to do. I got the sense of relief and happy that I got positive response from the teacher. And the important thing is I became comfortable to express my opinions.

However, when I reached the final semester, the teacher haven't return our journals back. I did asked for it once, but eventually I got busy with big exams are coming and i forgot all about it.

Then, I started to lose my focus. I worried too much about my future. I don't have self-confidence. I don't even know myself anymore.

Luckily, I managed to come back to my sense, and I isolated myself for a while. I found a quiet place to be with just me. And I'm happy once again to be able to think of the solutions to my problems.